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Interior Refining™:

Style Redesign offers one day design consulting services.  The process is a collaborative one between the home owner and the designer.  The designer will go through the space at hand, evaluating everything from floor to ceiling.  We consider what furniture pieces work or don't work, the furniture placement itself, reorganization, paint, lighting, color schemes, accessories, and sources.  The thorough and detailed design plan will be presented to the home owner at the end of the meeting.  The consultation fee is a flat rate for up to two hours of in home work.
We're known as a money-saving service, with a belief in the importance of sustainable and functional design.  We help our clients to invest in the home itself rather than spending money on extensive design fees and unneeded expensive products.  The goal of the Interior Refiner™ is to help the owner utilize what is currently in the home as much as possible.  Renew, Reuse, Repurpose!  This may include re-upholstering or painting, which will be invaluable in the end.  We work in all design styles and our philosophy is that you home should reflect who the client is, not who the designer is. 
At the completion of the consultation, the designer is available for the home owner to whatever degree is needed.  The designer will execute as much or as little of the design plan that the home owner feels is needed.  Personal shopping and shop-alongs are available services that can be very helpful to the client who has little time to spare.  (Although the hope is to use what the home owner already owns, the designer does consult full design and construction projects.)
*Prior to the initial consultation, we welcome the home owner to email pictures of the space/spaces that will be worked on.  This expedites the process on the day of the meeting, allowing more to get done in less time; again saving the client money.

Resale Ready™:

The home staging consultation will involve an in depth evaluation of the home and a detailed written design plan consisting of what works in the space or doesn't, traffic flow and furniture placement, de-cluttering, and over all sprucing up of the home so that it shows in it's best light.  The home owner and/or realtor will decide how much or how little of the work can be done without the designer.  If requested the designer will execute everything.  Most often this can be completed within a few hours.
For the realtor who is working with a client that is having difficulty envisioning the home's potential and the home buyer who just isn't confident in making the final important choice, Style redesign can help greatly.  The designer will join the house hunt as a consultant.  The home buyer can sounds questions and concerns off of the designer, in return, receiving unbiased critical feedback.  The designer will offer creative and cost saving ways to make the house a home, easing the decision making process.  This is a flat rate service, in which the designer will be available to look at a number of homes depending on the proximity and size.
For the home owner who has found a new home, and needs guidance as to what existing pieces will work in the new one, and what should be donated or sold, Style Redesign offers Residential Move Refining.  The designer will look at both properties so as to consult the home owners on how to save money by not moving items that will no longer fit or function.  This service is an hourly rate.

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 I'm a wife and mother of three, living in Barrington Rhode Island - I'm a daughter, a sister, a friend - and I'm a Designer -                                                          My passion: My Family

Vise: Interior Design

Favorite color: Every single one, used to dislike purple, love it now

Lucky: because I love what I do. Working with my wonderful clients is more than I could have ever asked for - 

Design Philosophy:"Renew~Refresh~Repurpose" : Essentially, design changes should begin with what one already has -moving forward from there in layers

Blogging - To share my love for the beautiful things around us - 

Best part of my work: Helping my clients create spaces that feel good, feel like them, feel like home - 

Best part of my day: Cuddling with my kids.

Tanya Ouhrabka is the founder of Style Studio and Style Redesign. She is a certified member of the Interior Refiners Network ® [IRN]. Tanya trained in New York under Lauri Ward, New York Designer, best-selling author and founder of the nationally recognized Use-What-You-Have Interiors ® decorating technique. Tanya brings a love of interior design and great energy to her work. She specializes in working closely with the client to transform each space into a balanced and harmonious haven the client will love and feel at home in. *Tanya helps her clientele make dramatic changes to their homes without the time and expense of using a conventional designer.