Sunday, June 15, 2014


Making The Market
Getting your house ready to go on the market? Has your house been sitting on the market and could use a boost? In either case, spending time on the very home you plan on leaving can seem silly, but is invaluable to making the sale faster and more seamless.  By following a short checklist, you will be making the house easier to show, which will drive more traffic, which will inevitably mean a quicker sell.
* Declutter & Purge: This step is the most important and most impactful.  If you have the time to do this in three categories, you will not only be making the house easier to sell, you will also be saving yourself time in the moving process, while cleansing the mind!  The three categories will be items to keep, donate, and toss.  After you have done this, you can move onto the second part of the checklist.
* Pack/Put Away: You will already have donated items and gotten rid of items, so you'll be feeling confident and on a roll.  Pack up items you won't need on a daily basis.  You will probably be tempted to just add them to the closets, but those closets need nothing more...they need less! (hopefully you decluttered behind those doors).  Part of decluttering and packing up, means removing personal items that you won't miss for the time being.  For example, we all love having our family photos around the home, but it's better to have a few to keep the space warm and inviting rather than tons which inhibits the buyer from envisioning themselves there.  If your home has a lot of decorative items on tables, counters, mantels, etc. remove 75% of them.  This will allow the house to feel brighter, roomier, and again will allow the buyer to visualize their own style in the home. 
The best items to declutter and pack up will be:
- Bathroom counters should be clean and clear of toiletries and unnecessary accessories.
- Fridge should be cleared of calendars, magnets, photos, and art.
- Collectibles will take time to pack up for the move, so do it now, get it done, and see the
   room shine.
- A lot of us have pets, so along with keeping the pet hair to a minimum, it's important to
   keep crates, beds, and toys out of the way.
* Color pallet: If you have a love for vibrant colors and embraced this design sensibility in your home, neutralizing the color pallet will be extremely valuable.  Painting neutral colors on the walls makes the biggest change, but if that's not in the cards, switching pillows and bedding to cream, tan, and beige will also make a huge difference. 
We're all busy enough, let alone adding in selling a home, but making the changes I recommended above will make things less stressful and easy in the end.  The realtors will thank you, you and your family will feel great relief, and making the move will be that much more fluid. 
*See what you can do and remember anything is better than nothing. Don't be hard on yourself :)

Monday, March 31, 2014

Chang Mai Dragon

Ms. Avery, our very own Foo Dog (The Japanese Chin) is living the life of luxury on the most decorative of dog beds, accessorized appropriately with Chang Mai Dragon pillows!