Thursday, January 12, 2012

Design With Style Redesign:

As a designer, I love to add a touch of animal print when possible. 

In this case, we dove right in!  A pair of disheveled club chairs,
with great lines and lots of potential, have been re-perfected.

 This linen and chenille leopard fabric is so supple and soft, it's like an oxymoron with it's daring vibrant design.  Although the leopard fabric is busy, the small scale repeat and solid color, allows it to be utilized as a neutral. 

Never be afraid of using pattern on pattern, just be aware of balancing the repeat scales.   

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Has Schumacher literally "gone to the dogs"???...

Since the 16th century, when something has gone "to the dogs", it has meant that it becomes less and less desirable.  Speaking of "going to the dogs"...

My "Gracie" has exquisite taste:
She has pillaged the most cherished piece of furniture in my home. This caned love seat was a dreary split pea green color with a fabulous, but tired a worn, 70's  orange and yellow floral print fabric.  After I freshened it up with white paint and distressed it, I covered the hefty down seat cushion in my most coveted Schumacher 'Chiang Mai Dragon' fabric. Although my love seat has  literally "gone to a dog" no matter how it's used, Schumacher fabrics can and will never "become less desirable"!!!