Saturday, April 9, 2011

LIGHTEN UP ..... your pillows!!!

 Spring is here, so it's time to lighten up, cheer up, and smile.  What better way to lighten up the home decor quickly and perfectly, than with pillows.  Some wonderful choices are those with bright colors, wonderful textures, and an airy carefree sensability.  You can't go wrong with pillows from Oliveira Textiles, Erin Flett, Hable Construction, or Skinny Laminx for that organic and natural feeling.

Oliveira Textiles

Oliveira Textiles

Skinny Laminx

Hable Construction

Friday, April 8, 2011


So, in trying to focus on my own home for a few minutes here and there, and pondering which color velvet or leather to go with on the dining room chairs, I have decided to put yellow on two chairs in my living room.  I love color, and I'm never afraid to use it.  I'm a huge fan of yellow accents against navy and turqoise blue, I've got the blue walls - so bring on the yellow!

The living room wall paint is C2's Summer Squall

Schumacher's Chiang Mai Dragon will be accent pillows 

Antique Gold velvet for the chairs

The chairs (legs to be painted black)

A little animal print on a bench

Realizing how much I love yellow and blue...look at my bed!

Dwell Studio bedding

The Dining Room! maybe the green with nailhead trim-and I'll white lacquer the chairs

If the rug stays (which I don't love love, but do like to use inherited pieces as much as possible) it has the green in it

The green would compliment and pull the green out of the two silk screens on the walls

Some of the beautiful rooms that inspire my love for the yellow accenting!

(images 2-6: Decor Pad)

Design Progression - 'Summer Squall' Blue Living Room & The Kitchen


Thursday, April 7, 2011


I'm getting ready to spruce up my dining room chairs.  White or black lacquer paint is in their future for sure.  Trying to settle on a vibrant punch of color in velvet or leather for the seats.  Loving the mustard yellow fabric on the club chairs below, but it's so hard to decide.  Another great choice is a kelly green - with white lacquer paint...could be perfection!