Saturday, February 5, 2011


Room Layout: 6 Rules to Follow
Figuring out where to put your furniture is like trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle. What you imagine in your head or on a floor plan often doesn't come out the way you'd hoped it might. That's when decorating anxiety usually starts to kick in. Fortunately, there are some basic rules that will help you avoid aggravation and save you both time and money.
1. Create a Conversation Space
When arranging your seating, a U-shaped conversation area is ideal, while an L-shaped area is always uncomfortable. A sofa and a matching pair of chairs easily establish a comfortable U-shaped configuration that allows everyone who is seated to have an intimate chat facing everyone else. A sectional sofa or a sofa and loveseat that form an L-shape, on the other hand, make everyone "twist and shout" when trying to have a conversation.
2. Focus Attention to One Area
Almost every living room has at least one natural focal point. If yours has a fireplace, that will no doubt be it. Other focal points might be a picture window with a wonderful view or a pair of French doors. Whatever the focal point of your room, be sure you arrange your furniture to take advantage of it -- since everyone's eyes will naturally be drawn to it in any case.
3. Think in Pairs
To create a beautiful room, think in pairs. If you have a good piece without a mate, find it a partner.
  • End tables will complement each other if they are of similar size and finish.
  • Two different upholstered chairs can be slip-covered in the same fabric to create a pair, so long as they are of similar height and scale.
  • Fit two lamps of similar height and style with new, matching shades.
4. Make the Most of a Small Space
Is your entrance foyer or vestibule too small to accommodate a commode or table? Try a narrow bench instead. It will be handy for setting down packages and sitting on to remove wet boots.
5. Group Furniture Wisely
When you walk around your home, are you comfortable, or do you feel as if you were navigating an obstacle course? If your furniture is creating obstacles to your comfort, here are a couple of problem areas to watch for:
  • Be sure you living room chairs and sofa are grouped close together. Otherwise, anyone walking through the living room will be forced to cross between those who are seated and interrupt their conversation.
  • If possible, avoid having the traffic pattern cross in front of the television. To keep from blocking anyone's view, try to reconfigure the seating so that someone "passing through" will be walking behind the sofa instead of in front of it.
6. Create Balance With Chairs
In small rooms, use armless upholstered chairs such as slipper style, which will allow more space than chairs with arms but will provide a more comfortable, small-scale alternative to wooden chairs.
If your budget won't allow you to buy a pair of matching chairs, purchase one chair and a matching ottoman. Until you can afford the second chair, use the ottoman as a "second" seat by placing the chair on one side of your coffee table and the ottoman on the other side. You'll have two places to sit with the effect of a matching pair.

image 1. Lauri Ward image 2. Todd Klein

Friday, February 4, 2011


A passion for color and texture crosses over between interior design, fashion design, and jewlry design.  For those of us with a love and passion for one, will likely have a love and passion for the others:
Vintage Jewelry Coming Soon!

Turqoise-Robins Egg Blue-Chartreuse-Fushia-Coral-Purple-Navy-Cobalt Blue-Pumpkin-Butter Yellow-Black-Gray-Seafoam Green-Jade Green-Garnet Red-White-Opaque-Gold-Silver.......


Ikat bowls have arrived!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I was thrilled yesterday to make this fabulous find.  A never been worn, vintage Alison Ayres linen dress. The texture and color is's perfect!  Perfect for me to wear? Oh no!'s perfect for an ottomon, a chair, or a pillow to wear. 
While most would have looked at this dress as a piece of clothing, I was looking at it as upohlstery fabric:

The Alison Ayres dress itself, and below...
on an ottomon!

It's the perfect fabric for an accent pillow
The slubby texture of the fabric adds so much to a room while being soft and delicate at the same time
Perfection on an accent chair

Thinking outside the box can bring you suprising design solutions while being a huge cost saver at the same time!

Monday, January 31, 2011


Ikat pattern brings interest, dimension, and a wealth of color and texture to any room.  Big or small, a little touch of Ikat goes a long way.  In the new Ikat Collection at Anthropolgie, that touch comes in big punch!

Embroidered Ikat Shade

Cotswold Slipcover, Ikat

Cooled Ikat Pillow

Expanding Colorscape Rug

Terai Folding Chair, Orange Ikat

Ikat Insignia Pillow

Pleated Ikat Shade

Sumba Placemat, Blue

Dynamic Ikat Bedding

Finn Rocker

Mathilde Sofa

Wakeful Ikat Sheet Set

Wandering Ikat Shade