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Tuesday, January 18, 2011



'Sitting pretty'
I fell in love with this Darryl Gordon Design on the cover of the Sept/Oct 09 issue of Vogue Living.   Instantly I had a new favorite fabric to add to the list: the Christopher Farr 'Carnival' seen on the restored club chairs (Farr fabric to the rescue!)  A perfect balance was achieved with yet another favorite fabric by Summer Hill.  The pillows are Summer Hill 'Hollywood Squares' in Indigo.
Fabulous accent wall on far side.

photography by: Lisa Cohen
Darryl Gordon Design

'Mountain high'
I love how the bold accent of animal skin really reads as a neutral.  It falls away into the room of cream and dark walls.  Crisp and clean yet not fussy one bit.
Great birch wood mirror.

photography: Derek Swalwell
Rebecca Clark Design

'To dine for'
Do not equate contemporary design with discomfort.  Clear as can be here (literally), clean lines are sumptuous and inviting. 
 Loving the chandalier!

photography: Lisa Cohen
Christian Lyon Design 

'Old meets new'
This is a testiment to what I tell all my clients "less is more" Every piece here speaks for itself, yet at the same time, there is a relationship between all.   The two chairs as a pair have a stature that balances out the larger scaled pieces in the room.  This is art!

photography: Justin Alexander
Luigi Rosselli Architects

'A pattern emerging'

This room reflects confidence with a underlying playfulness.

photography: Anson Smart
Stacey Kouros Design

'Water wonder'

A masterful use of space.

photography: Lisa Cohen
Vivid Edge

'Reflected glory'

This is a beautiful composite of different materials - bold and beautiful - strong and striking.
Crazy over the pendent lights!

photography: Shannon McGrath
Matt Gibson Architecture + Design

'Topping the menu'

Predominently white all across the board- the small uses of wood, darker stone, and chrome really catch one's eye. 
love these chairs!

photography: David Adams
Leon House

'Clear winner'

Who doesn't want to live in a tree house?  Who wouldn't want to live in this house that FEELS like a tree house?

photography: James Coombe
Architects EAT

'Sunshine state'

Showering the room with sunshine, the yellow in this design embrasses you and makes you want to stay...and work!?  I enjoy yellow and navy together, it's a nice pop of blue on the chair.

photography: Anson Smart
Natale Design