Thursday, April 14, 2011


I miss Cortney and Robert Novogratz!  When Bravo had a reality show 9 By Design, about the Novogratz family, I was in design heaven!  Getting to follow the day to day design work of their firm Sixx Design was so fun.  The husband and wife team have such an amazing design sense, and the way they marry vintage and modern design is fantastic.  I was always so inspired by the thrift store finds they would uncover and integrate into amazing spaces.  Never lacking in color...every inch of space is saturated with detail and interest.  Not sure what made me think of Sixx Design today, but I would love to see them on Bravo again-especially the kiddos:
Wolfgang, twins Tallulah and Bellamy, Breaker, twins Five and Holleder, and last but not least, Major.  That's right....7 children...thus the title 9 By Design
Impressive all around!


  1. Miss them already too!
    And I'm so sad because here in Chile I can't see the episodes on line...
    so unfair!!!

    WE WANT MORE! <3

  2. I miss them too...they are so fab! Love them on Bravo but they are coming to HGTV sometime soon. Love your blog!