Wednesday, February 9, 2011

everything's coming up LuLu!

Lulu's art:
the unique design elements and colors in her art never tire

Lulu dk's color process


Elle Decor

House Beautiful

'Chant' fabric on chairs
Rithie Sommers

'Sunshine' wallpaper Lulu dk
Lulu's NYC Apartment

NYC Apartment

NYC Apartment

Lulu with the children-NYC Apartment

doing what she loves most

Lulu's art

Lulu's art

Lulu's beach house

Beach House

Beach House

Lulu with the children

step one of design process is handpainted


Lulu dk for Matouk 'Cone Shell' pillows

Lulu dk for Matouk 'Reef' pillows

Lulu dk for Matouk 'Minnow' Bedding

Lulu dk for Matouk

'Madison' bedding

'Paradiso' bedding

'Poppy' bedding

'River' bedding

'Tango' bedding

'Tigerlily' bedding

Lulu dk 'Catwalk' fabric

'Chant' fabric on chairs

NYC Apartment
Elson & Company
Lulu dk handmade rugs for Elson & Company
masters of traditional weaving techniques-Katmandu workers

Elson rug-'Bamboo' black

Elson Rug 'Chant' Chocolate

Elson Rug 'Madison' Sand
Elson Rug 'Bamboo' Navy
Lulu and Elite leather partnered up for furniture



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