Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I was thrilled yesterday to make this fabulous find.  A never been worn, vintage Alison Ayres linen dress. The texture and color is amazing...it's perfect!  Perfect for me to wear? Oh no!...it's perfect for an ottomon, a chair, or a pillow to wear. 
While most would have looked at this dress as a piece of clothing, I was looking at it as upohlstery fabric:

The Alison Ayres dress itself, and below...
on an ottomon!

It's the perfect fabric for an accent pillow
The slubby texture of the fabric adds so much to a room while being soft and delicate at the same time
Perfection on an accent chair

Thinking outside the box can bring you suprising design solutions while being a huge cost saver at the same time!

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